>Keeping the Warmth This Midwinter

>By: Stephanie Duncan, marketing assistant at Moody Publishers 

If you are like me, spring fever is about at breaking point in this winter weather! On the East Coast where I live we have lost power, internet, school days, and for some of us, our sanity in all this snow! But one advantage of being snowed in is that you have more time for other times that maybe you’ve wanted to do but life just wouldn’t allow before.  I decided inclement weather is a good excuse to start a new habit: poetry reading.  This is a list of suggestions from Dr. Rosalie De Rosset at Moody Bible Institute, who leads a book club on Midday Connection. Cozy up and enjoy!

Donne, John. Holy Sonnets
Eliot, T.S. The Wasteland; The Hollow Man (pre-conversion); The Four Quartets (post-conversion)
Herbert, George. The Temple
Hopkins, Gerard Manley.
L’Engle Madeleine. The Weather of the Heart
Lewis, C.S. Poems
MacDonald, George. The Diary of an Old Soul
Merton, Thomas. Strange Islands
Milton, John. Paradise Lost; Paradise Regained
Shaw, Luci. Listen to the Green; etc.

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