>New Spring Fiction!


You may remember hearing about or reading Linda Chaikin’s book released last year, The Spoils of Eden, the first in the “Dawn of Hawaii” trilogy. Coming May 1st, the saga continues in Hawaiin Crosswinds…

About the Book

Amid the looming spiritual and political crisis in Hawaii, Rafe Easton and Eden Derrington  are  thrust into a conflict that will forever change their beloved Hawaii. Hawaii, home of the early missionaries, becomes an empire of sugar and pineapple built by their children and grandchildren.  By 1892 the Treasure of the Pacific is  caught in a political revolution between those supporting  Queen Liliuokalani, and the new Hawaiians determined to see the Stars and Stripes waving over Iolani Palace.

Rafe Easton hears the dark news that Townsend Derrington is in San Francisco prowling about the house on Nob Hill belonging to Parker Judson, Rafe’s partner in the pineapple plantation.  Rafe’s  mother, Celestine, is keeping out of sight with baby Kip inside the house. The news is dire enough to convince Rafe to alter his near-term plans in Honolulu. Having come to an agreement with his fiancée, Eden Derrington, to allow her to work for a year on Molokai at her father’s medical clinic while meeting her dying mother, a leper, Rafe makes swift plans to take a steamer to  San Francisco to hunt down Townsend who is guilty of  Rafe’s father’s death, and now stalking Celestine and Kip.

  1. >I've read and enjoyed some of Linda's books. This one sounds interesting! Thanks for the info.Blessings,Karen

  2. >O cool! And how nice to see a hottie guy on the cover for a change.

  3. >lol nice cover, huh?

  4. >Will there be an excerpt for this book available on-line?

  5. >Jenn, I'm sure there will be a first chapter available…I'll try to get the first chapter to post on the blog in May! 🙂

  6. >Thanks Stephanie!

  7. >BTW that is one good-lookin' cover! 😉

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