>Day 3 of Honoring Moms week

>No winner to announce so let’s move on to today’s question.

Women have been blessed with the instinctive ability to nurture. In Titus 2 women are exhorted to use that nurturing gift to encourage other women as they seek to live for God’s glory. What is the best thing you have experienced in being a spiritual mother?

The random winner will receive a copy of Tending the Soul: 90 Days of Spiritual Nourishment by our friends at Midday Connection.

  1. >Seeing others rise up into the position and calling the God has called them to. It's so awesome and wonderful to watch a life transform before our very eyes!

  2. >I don't know if I would ever claim to be a spiritual mother. Years ago, I befriended a co-worker that was struggling with many issues. I encouraged him to seek a personal relationship with the Lord, and gave him a plaque with Jeremiah 29:11. I ran into him recently, and he told me that the scripture changed his life. He is now a strong Christian man with a beautiful wife and kids. He told me that they even had the verse stenciled on their family room wall.

  3. >Denise, you are a spiritual mother! Thank you for sharing, we are so encouraged by your story.

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