Know, Love, Serve

We went to Starbucks for our River North Fiction team meeting. This Starbucks location is an oasis in the city—tucked under the elevated commuter train and all too conveniently located close to our offices. Only two blocks away I can easily find an excuse to stop in: it’s rainy or snowy, too hot, I’m tired, it’s Monday . . . or Friday, the team finished our business plan, or we just need to catch up. With the constant flow of caffeine addicts (me included) and soft playing music, the team reconnects around our common mission: to produce fiction that will help our readers to know, love, and serve Jesus which goes hand-in-hand with our mission which is to know, love, and serve our readers.

What does this mean for Moody Publishers’s River North Fiction?

For one, we will only produce fiction that has a redemptive message. After all, isn’t that what Christ was doing when he told stories? He pointed to His Father and His Father’s kingdom. Often God was not in the story at all. Jesus used common everyday occurrences as illustrations that were understood by the audience—or should have been! Stories they could identity with and stories they could place themselves in. With characters who were often searching—longing for something lost like a son, or a coin, used as a parallel for His kingdom.

Next, we hope to provide a community around the love of Christian fiction. I stood on the train platform this morning and surveyed the community of commuters collected there. Weekday mornings I join the population of people gathered around the common experience of riding the train to work. You can tell who the daily commuters are. They crowd together at evenly spaced intervals in anticipation of the train doors opening in the same spot like it does every weekday morning when the commuter rail line pulls into the station. And everyone looks to the west in anticipation. Most regular commuters have a favorite car and line up waiting together. We might make eye contact and smile, some even say “hello” and may chat a while. We come together around a common goal. That is what we are attempting to do with our novels and here at our blog. But unlike the fleeting community that gathers for a few minutes every morning and disbands, we hope to establish a relationship with those of us gathered around a fondness for Christian fiction.
So, we want to hear from you. What do you like about reading novels? What kinds of stories do you long to engage with? Who are your favorite authors? Why read fiction, anyway? Is fiction true?
Please join us. We would love to have you as part of the River North Fiction community.


Deb Keiser
Acquisitions Editor

    • Ruth
    • June 16th, 2011

    Choosing a favorite author is like picking a favorite food. I love them for different reasons, and may choose one over the other on any particular day because of circumstance, mood, or time.

    I review for several Christian publishers and always appreciate those who stay true to values and morals consistant with God’s Word. Personally, I enjoy reading an edge of my seat mystery or thriller and books where the main character overcomes a problem or struggle.

    Fiction is a form of entertainment. I would rather read a novel than watch a movie. I appreciate you sharing your goals with us, especially that you will continue to publish books with a redemptive quality. I’ve been reading Moody books since I was a child, and am so happy you are still printing for the King!

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