Summer Reading Recommendations

Hello friends,

Today a few members of the River North Fiction team have some summer reading recommendations for you. We will be hearing from Michele, Manager of Sales Communication and Administration and Brittany, the Editorial Assistant.

I love fiction – especially that moment when you have finally embraced the characters in such a way that they have become a part of you and a part of your life if even for a short time.  I love the way a cast of characters find their way into your heart.  And I love the way the writer allows you to see their lives in such a way that you begin to see yourself.  Somehow, that moves me.  It is very often, too, that these brief glimpses help me gain a perspective on life that I might have missed had I not picked up this particular book.   So many books have given me that gift, but I’d love to tell you about one of them.

Tuesday Night at the Blue Moon by Debbie Fuller Thomas is a poignant story about a girl named Andie who was switched at birth and then as a teenager is switched back to live with her birth mother she has never known.  Andie is forced to live with strangers in an environment totally foreign to her.  She not only struggles with the everyday occurrences of life and how to deal with them now, but also with her longing for acceptance and hope.  Marty, Andie’s birth Mom, is also faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of bringing her precious daughter home and helping her to feel a part of an already dysfunctional family.  She desperately wants God to heal her family.

The chapters alternate between the perspectives of Marty & Andie so the reader is given the unique opportunity to dive deeply into their thoughts, feelings, and  insecurities.  While I surely may never have been through this particular circumstance in my life, I was certainly moved by the characters’ longing for wholeness & contentment and how through ways unknown to them, God showed up and began to unite a family as only He can do. 

I encourage you to pick up Tuesday Night at the Blue Moon. You won’t be disappointed!


Ahhhh summer. I love summer. Especially in Chicago. There are so many things going on every day of the week. There are street festivals, free concerts, food trucks, picnics, the beach, and bike rides. That is the short list, there is much more. Of all these things, there are few that I enjoy more than laying outside in the sun reading a good fiction book.  I especially enjoy this after I finish studying for my classes. It is great to have a fiction book to enjoy after slaving away over a text book. I call it a treat for my brain. This summer I have read June Bug by Chris Fabry, A Turn in the Road by Debbie Macomber, and I’ll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark. Now, I realize none of these are River North Fiction or Moody Publishers titles, but it just goes to show how much I love fiction.

June Bug is a great story about a young girl who finds out that the man she has known to be her father her entire life is not actually who he says he is. Chris Fabry writes wonderfully about their journey together and June Bug’s search for where she came from and who she really is.

A Turn in the Road is a story about a road trip from Oregon to Florida that is taken by a woman, her daughter, and her ex-mother-in-law. Along the way the women learn more about each other than they have ever known and there is plenty of mild romance and adventure woven throughout the story for all three of the women.

I’ll Walk Alone is a bit of a thriller that I found to be a bit suspenseful and entertaining. A prominent NY woman is struggling with the anniversary of the date that her son was kidnapped and is soon thrust into the spotlight as the assumed offender. She has to prove her innocence all the while still searching for her son. She is bound and determined to do this by herself and finds that she needs the help of others.

June Bug was easily my favorite of these three, but the other two were very easy to become wrapped up in, therefore, I recommend them all.


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