God’s Providence, A Sprained Ankle, and German Emigration in Texas (part 2)

Well, so far we have covered German emigration in Texas in our last blog—along with the common thread of life, the providence of God.

By 1845, Texans had fought to keep the land that they had settled. They fought against natives. They fought against Mexico. When the main character of Lone Star Trail, Jud Morgan, encountered the waves of immigrants from Germany threatening to take over Texas’s land, he was ready for a fight.

Jud’s mother, Mrs. Morgan offered a place for the Fleischers to stay after their wagon accident. Mrs. Fleischer was injured and their whole world was torn apart. While under his roof, Jud began to admire their daughter, Wande Fleischer. Kind and compassionate, she was not what he had expected from his enemy. They shared a common belief but attended different churches. The Fleischer’s lost a daughter to illness and the Morgan’s lost a daughter to the Comanche. Wande was waiting on her marriage to Konrad. But, Jud was beholden to no man.

Forced to face the hardness of his own heart, Jud begins to see the people of God as individuals, capable of great compassion and terrible evil. But it may be too late for him. After Konrad breaks Wande’s heart, the pastor from the Fleischer’s church appears to have taken his place.  And, now fire is rising from the direction of the Fleischer’s new farm.

However, sometime God hides surprises.

You might remember from the last blog that I never made it to the ICRS convention in Atlanta on Monday because gale force winds and rain swept through Chicago and canceled my flight setting everyone in a rush to wait standby on the next few flights.

But God is good.

I called my son to pick me up at the airport. It was his last night at home before leaving for California where he will be stationed for the next two years. Prepared to leave on my business trip, we said our goodbyes before l went to bed on Sunday. I was delighted to have one more evening with him. An inconvenience turned into a blessing.

So, on Tuesday morning, I finally flew out of O’Hare and was on the shuttle bus from the airport in Atlanta headed to the conference hotel. Late to my first meeting, I had my phone in one hand looking for the number of the person I was going to miss. I reached out to grab the handle of my suitcase, my heel caught the edge of the pavement and I fell off the sidewalk twisting my ankle and was saved from hitting the driveway by the kind shuttle bus driver. But my ankle was done for. It was the beginning of a convention with three days of meetings crammed into two and I could hardly walk.

Did I learn anything from this? Yes. Don’t text and walk. Don’t get so consumed with other things that you are blind to what is right in front of you—whether it is the blessing of another evening with someone you adore, the edge of the sidewalk, or the promise of love. God hides surprises. All you need to do is pay attention.

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