Night Song By Tricia Goyer

It was a very rainy day last Saturday. The house was empty. My youngest son returned to Valparaiso University the Thursday before and my husband had a meeting all day about adjunct work he planned for the fall semester.

Perfect day to snuggle up on our feather cushioned sofa with my cat on my lap, and Daisy on the floor next to me, and enjoy the end of the book I was reading, Night Song by Tricia Goyer.

Set during WWII, the author weaves together the lives of her three main characters around love—love of: music, each other, and the Lord of all creation. As the ever-present evil threatens to destroy their lives the female protagonist, Evie, is forced to return to Austria with her family—leaving her American boyfriend, Nick, just as he is called to serve in the war effort. Halfway around the world a young Jewish musician Jakub, watches as his father is dragged off by the SS men who soon return for Jakub and his mother and brother. They are sent off to a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia and separated from each other when they arrive. Their most prized possession, a very valuable violin, was secure in the hands of a friend. Or was it?

In order to live the comfortable life she is accustomed to in Austria, Evie finds herself forced to ignore the evil presence of the Nazis. Her dearest friend has joined the Resistance and loses her life, catapulting Evie into a life underground. After Evie is reported dead, Nick contemplates returning the correspondence sent to him regularly by his pastor’s daughter. Instead he volunteers for service on the front line.

It would break my heart to give any part of this carefully crafted narrative away, so I think I’ll leave the plot there.

The author did a fine job of moving the story along at a pace that kept me turning the pages. I was intrigued throughout the book to see how she would ultimately weave these three lives together around the love of music and the symbol provided by the most valuable violin.

If you have read Night Song, I would love to hear what you think.  If not, I highly recommend it for a quiet snuggle on the sofa!


  1. NIGHT SONG sounds like the type of book I would actually buy and would most certainly enjoy. Tricia Goyer is an unfamiliar author to me but I plan on learning more about her. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I also enjoyed Night Song. Tricia did a great job with the research in writing this WWII era novel. It is a compelling story and skillfully crafted novel. I highly recommend it.

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