5 Terrific Things for Tuesday: Favorite Places to Read

Good morning,

We asked 5 of our authors to tell us where their favorite spot is to read. Here is what we heard from them:

1) Susan Page Davis-Author of Captive Trail

I’ll read anywhere, but I love to sit outside on our back deck with a book. In good weather, the breeze and the birdsong add to the experience. I usually have a cup of tea handy, too.

2) Vickie McDonough-Author of Long Trail Home

I read everywhere, but my favorite place is in my recliner with my feet up and the lamp turned up high. I take a book with me almost all the time and read whenever I get a chance. I got stopped at a light today that I knew was especially long, snatched up my book, and read a page before it turned green. My husband isn’t much of a talker, so whenever he’s driving, I’m reading. I still prefer a good, old-fashioned paperback to reading digitally, but I’ve read some of those too. 

3) Darlene Franklin-Author of Lone Star Trail

I don’t have a place where I don’t like to read; if I run out reading material while I am out, I will buy another book, even if I have ten unread at home. But I would guess that the two places where I do the most reading are my bedroom and with meals. I often sit down to read a few pages and find myself still there an hour later and 100 pages further into the book . . . and then I have to finish, because I’m so close. Since I’m single and self-employed, I can do that.

4) Tessa Afshar-Author of Pearl in the Sand and the upcoming Harvest of Rubies Series

Some people can sleep anywhere: on the plane, in the car, sitting in front of the television. One of my friends actually fell asleep standing up, once. I don’t have that talent. But I can read anywhere. As I eat, while the radio is blaring, in the gym, when people are trying to talk to me on the phone (I try to avoid doing this last. But if you call me when I’m in the middle of a particularly good part, I might not be answerable for my actions). So I don’t really have a favorite place for reading. I’m not that picky. Any place can become my favorite if the book is engaging.

5) Jocelyn Green-Author of Faith Deployed, Faith Deployed…Again, and the upcoming Civil War Fiction Series

If the weather is at all decent, my favorite place to read is on the chaise lounge on our backyard patio, preferably with a mango pineapple smoothie sitting on the table next to it. With a flowering crab tree and hydrangeas behind me, and hostas, geraniums, and lilies in front, it’s my perfect little retreat spot. Of course, my three-year-old son and five-year-old daughter think so too, so usually when I read out there I’m listening to their training wheels rolling over the paving stones, along with the birds and the bees. Pure bliss. (Assuming no sibling rivalry breaks out.)  During the colder months here in Iowa, my favorite reading spot is my chair-and-a-half recliner in the living room, with a cinnamon, pumpkin, or evergreen candle lit nearby and a steaming mug of hazelnut coffee within reach. Our cat Chloe will usually join me here too. If I’m lucky, she’ll behave herself instead of trying to sit on my open book. Those are my favorite places to read, but I will read wherever I can, even if it’s just a few pages at a time. Thank goodness books are portable. 

Where do you like to read??

  1. My favorite place to read is in the woods by a stream with no civilization around. Don’t get there very often! In the meantime, it’s mostly in bed.

  2. I can read just about anywhere…but my favorite places include on our back deck while sunning myself, on the front porch swing when there’s a breeze, and late at night after everyone else has gone to bed snuggled under a fleece blanket in my favorite recliner.

  3. Interesting that we all said we can (and do!) read anywhere . . .
    We were readers long before we were writers.

  4. I take a book with me everywhere!! I have read my book standing in line at the bank. I love that with my book along I am not one of those impatient and rude people that others have to deal with. My favorite place to read is in the bathtub. I love me a good hot bath with lots of bubbles and a good book. My family knows I’m at a good part when I’m draining some water to add more hot water..lol. But like everyone else I can read my book anywhere and not too much distracts me. My daughter is also learning to love reading and will read two and three books at a time. One for AR points at school and one just for her..lol. Then takes tests on both.

  5. I love seeing where everyone reads. Cindy, reading in the woods sounds so cool.

  6. Shannon, I love to read in the bubble bath too! But I limit myself to “disposable” reading material while in there because I can’t always keep the pages dry- magazines, old paperback books I don’t plan to lend out, etc. 🙂

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