A Few of My favorite Things— about A Marriage Carol by Chris Fabry and Gary Chapman

A Few of My favorite Things— about A Marriage Carol by Chris Fabry and Gary Chapman

 We just finished up the taping of the radio drama for A Marriage Carol set to air soon (we will let you know when!) in a full hour drama. As I sat in the control room with the writer and producer, Jon Gauger, I was amazed at how touched I was by hearing the dialog between Marlee and Jacob. I thought that I would share some of my favorite moments with you.

After the car accident on the snowy road, Marlee goes to the house on the hill to be greeted there by the elderly man, Jay. They sit before the fire and Marlee begins to talk about her marriage:

I told him (Jay) we were on our way to an attorney’s office to sign divorce papers. No sense beating around the bush. I let that sink in and expected some kink of apology for prying, but he didn’t seem shocked.

“Have you been planning this for long?” he said.

I told him more about us. More than I wanted, but it just seemed to spill out. And he didn’t stop me.

“That’s a lot of years to be married. What the main reason? Has Jacob abused you in some way?”

“No, there’s now abuse.”

“Is there another woman?”

“I don’t think so. His other woman is his work.”

“Have you tried counseling?”

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