What Should I Get My Best Friend For Christmas? 3-Word Gift Ideas

What should I get my best friend for Christmas?
Here at River North, we love to give gifts. Most of the time that means we’re giving away books (like today!), but when the holidays roll around, we like to have other ideas too. Here are some 3-word gift ideas that we might treat our friends to this Christmas season.

Post your 3-word gift idea at the bottom of the post and you might win #2! We’ll pick 3 winners from this week’s comments!

  1. Handmade paper stationary
  2. A Marriage Carol, by Chris Fabry & Gary Chapman
  3. Chocolate-covered pretzel rods
  4. Red “Read” Sign
  5. Favorite Photo Framed
  6. Handmade Christmas Ornament
  7. 20 minute massage
  8. Prayers for Today, by Kurt Bjorklund
  9. Bacon Scented Candle
  10. Homemade Necklace/Earrings
  11. “Good” Concert Tickets
  12. Multipurpose Cake Stand
  13. “Remember When” Mix
  14. Homemade Laundry Detergent
  15. Beautiful knit scarf
  16. Trader Joe’s Giftcard
  17. Scented eye pillow
  18. Book Tote Bag
  19. Favorite classic novel
  20. Martin Luther bobble-head
  21. Remington Curling Wand
  22. Justin Beiber Holiday
  23. Dozen delicious cupcakes
  24. Paper Crane Earrings
  25. Gungor Christmas CD

What’s your 3-word gift idea? Post it below!

(A special congrats to last week’s giveaway winner! We’ll be notifying them today so they can get their copy of A Marriage Carol.)

  1. Homemade dog treats

  2. Bubble Bath Supplies

  3. A Christmas Marriage

    I bought 4 copies of A Christmas Marriage . One for my husband and the other 3 are for our best friends .

    A book Bag for another.

    Now that I have checked my list may be going back for a few more copies of the book 🙂

  4. Therapeutic back/head massage

  5. Time with her

    • Crazyc2
    • December 15th, 2011

    hi erm any ideas what to get and 11 year old almost turning 12 shes a tomboy like me so no make up and dresses and all thst and im kinda skint so cheapish things plz
    thxs 🙂

    • Michelle Chartier
    • December 16th, 2011


  6. Snowy balloon ornaments

  7. day of beauty

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