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In Chicago there is an area called River North.  This area is just north of the Loop, west of Michigan Avenue and south of Chicago Avenue.  The Chicago River runs through it.  Like this river that runs through these well-known busy areas of the city, bringing refreshing , encouraging and reflective moments, River North Fiction brings to our readers  rivers  of refreshment, encouragement and hope through the power of story. The River North Fiction team is made up of women who desire to publish titles that will help you to Know, Love, and Serve Jesus. We are hoping that through this blog we will be able to connect with you, the reader and get content out there that you want to read. Now let’s meet the hosts of the River North Fiction blog:  Deb Keiser and Brittany Biggs.


God chased me all the way to Moody Publishers. Only he knew that I would be here. Amazing, really.

When my children were young, I decided to take a step back from my management position at a social service agency after suffering from a life threatening illness. I began reading the classics while laid up in bed and fell in love—with Jane Eyre. Hit in the face by the hand of reality, I rededicated my life to serving Christ and walked through the doors of InterVarsity Press like I was going home—because I was. I returned to my hometown to work for IVP in the production department. Promoted to the marketing department and then to the marketing manager position, I worked for IVP for eight years. And, I read—everything I could, including Jane Eyre, every year for my birthday. I made amazing like-minded friends, a group of women I still meet with for dinner monthly. For over twenty years we have supported each other in every joy and hardship our lives encounter: work, creativity, marriage, childrearing, divorce, death, children marrying, and grandchildren.

During my years at IVP, my husband Jeff returned to school to get his Master’s degree while my mother-in-law became ill. She needed attention, my boys needed attention, and I needed to travel for work. Jeff decided to leave his teaching job and go for a management position. I was left with the dilemma so many women find themselves in: work full-time and send the kids off to school and then after-school care for twelve hours a day; or hang on to God and try to piece life together another way. We choose the other way. I went back to school and got a degree in design while working out of my home for 10 years. Then the market took a nosedive.

I prayed. First for a design job (after all I went to design school and did not want to “waste” my education). Some interviews came but they were all rejects.  And, I continued to do one thing I love to do: read. Finally I prayed for any job, “Please God, I need to work.” Then it hit me. I had not once asked him to take it all, my finances, my plans, my dreams and make them his. I got on my knees with my head on my bed and prayed, “I’ll do anything you want me to do Lord—anything. Take it all. I’ll even work at Starbucks.” (Sorry, to all Starbucks employees, but this would not be a wise job choice for me or for Starbucks!). The very next day I received an email from one of my girlfriends with the perfect job opening attached. It was a position I had always dreamt of doing and is the position I now hold for Moody Publishers: Acquisitions Editor. God continues to amaze me, everyday. I continue to share my life with my creative girlfriends at dinner once a month and to read Jane Eyre for my birthday yearly. And I pray.


My name is Brittany Biggs and I am the editorial assistant and author relations contact at Moody Publishers. I am also a part of the River North Fiction team here at MP. I joined the publishing world towards the end of culinary school when I started editing recipes for www.BetterRecipes.com. I joined the Moody Publishers team about a year and a half ago and have been learning and growing ever since. I still edit recipes on the side for the website, it is a great way to keep my hand in both worlds of food and publishing. When I am not cooking or studying for my classes to finish my bachelors (I am painfully close to being finished!), I love to read and fiction is far and away my favorite. It is a reward to read a good fiction book once I am done studying a text-book.  It is so easy for me to get lost in a story and most of the time I find the hardest part to be when the story ends and I have to pick another one to start all over with. I hope that you all will find this blog to be as much fun as I do. I look forward to contributing posts about our titles and authors and also adding a little bit of food fun in the way of A Tale and A Treat.

    • Pam
    • June 14th, 2011

    I’m looking forward to a lot of great stories!

  1. Is River North Fiction accepting queries, in particular, middle grade? Thanks.

  2. It’s nice to put a face with a name! I pray this line is highly successful.

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