New for November!

Long Trail Home is written by Vickie McDonough and is the third in a series of six books know as the Texas Trails Series. In this book, Riley Morgan takes a job at the Wilcox School for Blind Children in an attempt for a new life after the Civil War. By helping the children and the pretty blind woman, Annie, he begins to find a renewed hope. But everyone’s future at Wilcox School is disrupted when the owner dies suddenly and the school is in jeopardy of being closed by the man who stands to inherit it. Riley’s remaining confidence in the future is shaken when Annie’s secret is revealed and Riley attempts to make peace with God.  

 Long Trail Home is available here.


New for September!

A Marriage Carol was written by Chris Fabry and Gary Chapman and is a Christmas novella.

On a snowy Christmas Eve, their anniversary, Marlee and Jacob take a treacherous drive to sign papers signaling the end. Tired of fighting, tired of the pain, and no passion left, they have chosen to end their marriage, But a shortcut over an icy mountain pass brings Marlee in a collision with her life. Visions of the past haunt; images of the present and future make her wonder if they have chosen the best course. With a nod toward Dickens and a heaping helping of truth from bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman, this surprising tale will take you through twists and turns and lead you on a journey into the power of snow. If your heart needs rekindling, if you long for unconditional love, this story will bring a warmth and hope.

 A Marriage Carol is available here.

Lone Star Trail is written by Darlene Franklin and is the first in a series of six Historical Fiction books named the Texas Trails Series.

Jud Morgan’s father died for Texas’s freedom, so when German immigrants try to colonize a New Germany in Texas, he takes a stand against them. Agter Wande Fleisher’s fiance abandons her, the young fraulein determines to make a new life for herself in Texas. As much as Jud dislikes the German invasion, he can’t help admiring Wande. Will vengeance burn and destroy more than Wande’s home, or will the rancher put aside his prejudice and forge a new future?

 Lone Star Trail is available here.

Captive Trail is book two in a series of six Historical Fiction titles named the Texas Trails Series. The author is Susan Page Davis.

Taabe Waipu flees her Comanche village. Somewhere in southern Texas her real family lives in the white world. For years she’s struggled wo keep the memories from fading. Butterfield Overland Mail Company driver Ned Bright finds a woman, exhausted and injured, lying in the road. He takes her to a mission run by Ursuline nuns. With hard work, Ned discovers Taabe Waipu’s identity. He plans to reunite her with her family, but the Comanche have other ideas.

 Captive Trail is available here.

New for June!

Hawaiian Crosswinds

  Hawaiian Crosswinds, book two in The Dawn of Hawaii Series by Linda Lee Chaikin

 Torn between family loyalties, political ambitions, and their commitment to each other, Rafe and Eden must fight to protect the people and place they care about so deeply.  The year is 1892 and the small island nation of Hawaii is in turmoil.  Rafe Easton and a small band of Hawaiian patriots are quietly pursuing annexation to the United States out of concerns that the monarchy will fall to a less noble power.  But Rafe is not the only one with secrets.  And as political tensions mount, some of the island’s most prominent families are faced with revelations that could unravel everything — the future of the country and Rafe’s future with his beautiful and beloved fiancée, Eden Derrington.

Read chapter 1

 Available now in paperback or eBook at   


Don’t forget Spoils of Eden, first book in The Dawn of Hawaii Series Spoils of Eden

 Set against the backdrop of tropical paradise, revolutionary intrigue, hidden motives, and deadly secrets, Rafe and Eden must work through their personal ambitions to keep the promise of a life together.  Read Chapter 1

Available now in paperback and eBook at 

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