Check out Ms. Harriet Klausner’s review of the novella A Marriage Carol here. This September release has been highly anticipated. Panda Reads gave a nice review of A Marriage Carol and recommends it to others. She is a self-proclaimed Christmas-aholic and was happy to read this Christmas novella during the middle of summer.

This is not Chris Fabry’s first fiction title. Click here to see a review of a River North Fiction favorite Almost Heaven.

Straight from the press of Publishers Weekly: A Marriage Carol

Chris Fabry & Gary Chapman. Moody/River North, $14.99 (128p) ISBN 978-0-8024-0264-6

Christmas Eve marks Jacob and Marlee Ebenezer’s wedding anniversary and, 20 years later, the official dissolution of their marriage. Their journey to sign the divorce papers, however, turns into much more when a blizzard and an accident threaten lives. Marlee finds safety in a farmhouse where “Jay” helps her see her past, present, and future and offers a new way of seeing herself, husband, and marriage. The authors seamlessly blend the cleansing qualities of snow (“Melting snow exposes. Each flake is like a choice we make”) with transparent reference to Dickens’s A Christmas Carol to create a challenging yet heartwarming tale that will touch readers long beyond the holiday season. This novella—combining the storytelling prowess of Fabry (Almost Heaven) and the marriage expertise of Chapman (The Five Love Languages series)—will change lives with its message “that there is great power in small choices.” Chapman’s afterword and discussion questions deepen the impact. This is a tiny book with a huge message. (Sept.)

Thank you Cheryl olson for this 5 star review of A Marriage Carol. Just a sample: “What happens when you combine the brilliant minds of Charles Dickens, Gary Chapman of “The Five Love Languages” fame, and 2 time Christy award-winning author Chris Fabry? Why, you get the novel “A Marriage Carol, of course.”

Viki Ferrell of Fresh Fiction left a great review of A Marriage Carol and called it “An inspirational message for struggling marriages.”

Thank you Janet Ruth from Alberta, Canada for this lovely review. Read what she had to say about book two written by Susan Page Davis in this six book series, here.

This That and the Other did a nice review of Captive Trail and can be quoted as saying “While billed as a romance, Captive Trail is much more a book about identity.”

 Harriet Klausner reviewed Captive Trail and this is what she had to say.  Thank you Harriet, for your time and valued opinion!

Check out this nice review of Captive Trail. Get to know the characters Taabe and Ned and fall into their story.

A great interview with the author Susan Page Davis and a giveaway. The comments on the interview are wonderful, too. We love it when people can say they read the book in one day becuase they couldn’t/wouldn’t put it down! Check it out!

Check out Christian Cowgals and the review they gave Captive Trail:

Don’t take our word for it, here is a nice review of Lone Star Trail from the Reader’s Roundtable.

Along the Way enjoyed Lone Star Trail, she said, “I look forward to reading all six books in the Texas Trails Series.”

Donna Safford had this to say: “Two families, the Morgan’s and the Fleischer, are caught in the expansion pains of Texas. It is around 1845 and settling the land is hard for those moving west. Then, German immigrants are brought to this land that promises a new homeland for them. Struggles increase between the groups of people and anger sometimes runs hot, but there is also the spirit of giving and help that permeates the work. There are many obstacles to overcome – illness, weather, Indian attacks, prejudice, and loss that could bring them to their knees – yet people do survive, some even fall in love, making the story come to life.

This book is the beginning of a series, and I can’t wait for more. The characters and their struggles seem real as Ms. Franklin brings history to life. This is a great start to the series, one I think history buffs will enjoy. Thank you to Net Galley for the preview copy I read on my Nook!”

Check out this 4 star review of Lone Star Trail!

Thank you Ausjenny for the kind review. We are so glad you enjoyed the book!!

Thanks Katy for this great review, if we hadn’t, it makes me want to read it all over again!

Here is a kind review of our new summer release Hawaiian Crosswinds. Check it out:

Thank you Wanda!

Here is another review, this one is from Kristen Lowery: this review is from Brittney!

Wanda Maynard had this to say:  Hawaiian Crosswinds was a unique story with an amazing twist, or puzzlement. The story moved along smoothly, and with action around each corner that made me want to read more. I fell in love with the characters and their actions, especially Rafe. He had a quality about him that was complicated to see or difficult to read at first. Then his undeniable character, or the one I favored, increased as the plot advanced. Eden wanted to know everything about Rafe, but she seemed as though she wanted to keep a few secrets of her own hidden from him. That made her character seem more uncommunicative. Rafe wanted to be more open with her.

I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii, so when I read movement relating to my favorite state, this also filled me with excitement.

As the plot thickened, each twist and turn brought Rafe, our hero closer to solving the foul play, because of the way he kept acting questions. The way the Bible verses and the Hawaiian terms intertwined into the story also moved me and made me want to read and learn more about our beautiful state. I would recommend “Hawaiian Crosswinds,” for anytime reading.

Check out this review of the highly acclaimed Pearl in the Sand from M Banton:

This teenager gave Pearl 5 stars. It is so wonderful to see the range in age that this book is reaching! Another 5 star review here! RAnn expresses her enjoyment of the scenes that author Tessa Afshar has laid out. Laura Davis gave Pearl 5 stars and found the book to spiritually enlightening! This is such a nice review! We really love this book here at River North and are glad to see others do too!

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